Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get Your Free Gift Tutorial

Are you missing your free gift from Just the FAQS? You are if you haven't updated your RSS feed subscription to the new JTF blog yet.

Go there now and get your free gift. It's a great tutorial to get more followers on your site.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Blog is Moving

I'm delighted to announce that the JTF blog is moving to a WordPress blog format that has been integrated with the main site.

You'll want to update your RSS feed settings for the new blog. No new posts will be placed on this Blogger site for JTF.

To update your feed subscription, you can simply visit the new blog at and click the subscription links. Or, you can manually update your feed settings to

The entire Just the FAQs site has been updated as well and includes the two new sets of WordPress books along with new "peek inside" features that show you more content of the all the books. You'll also find new articles to download for free with lots of great tips and tricks.

Thanks for being a loyal JTF blog subscribers. I'm sure you'll enjoy the new site. Tips are being posted daily!