Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free Resources

To help you get started with online marketing, free downloads have been added to the More Resources page. You will find the Articles and Tip Sheets great sources of handy information to get you up to speed on blogs, RSS Feeds, Article marketing, Web sites and more.

There's also a new section of recommended books, including Book Marketing in the Digital Age by Yvonne Perry. This new eBook gives sample screenshots and more than 100 links to helpful sites that serve as examples to further explain the text.

Tips and how-to information include: creating an online media kit, blogging tips, getting traffic to your site, virtual book tours, social media and networking, using video for book promotion, getting author interviews, and the benefits of podcasting.

Just the FAQs eBooks are on the layout table and will be available soon. Subscribe to the RSS Feed to receive the latest updates and announcements.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Effective Article Marketing

Running an article marketing campaign is a proven strategy for driving traffic to your blog or Web site. A content-rich article helps establish you as a helpful guru in your field. With enough articles, you can generate a loyal following of readers who will come to you for business.

Once you have written your articles to drive traffic to your site, the trick then becomes marketing the articles themselves. Posting to article directories is a good idea. By doing so, your work can be found by others and syndicated on their sites. But, submitting to directories is no longer enough. There are thousands of article writers who have posted hundreds of articles already.

So, how do you stand out in the crowd? One way is to use social media, such as Twitter, to alert your followers that you have posted the kind of helpful advice they seek.

For folks who are already article marketing gurus, Just the FAQs wants to know how effective it is to have your articles listed on directories. We ran a poll to find out if you are having more success from syndication generated by simply having your articles on a directory, or if your own effort to drive readers to your articles is working better. The poll showed a 2:1 advantage for doing your own advertising to increase viewership over syndication alone.

Of course, there’s more to it than can be reflected in a simple poll. Feel free to leave your comments. If you’re an article marketing guru, be sure to let JTF blog readers know how to find you.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tips and Tricks for Online Marketing Newbies

Just the FAQs is creating a series of articles that will help folks who are new to online marketing get started with blogs, rss feeds, Web site creation, and article marketing campaigns. They explain:

- How to pick a blog template
- Why including RSS Feeds is important
- How to create a Web site that works
- Ways to generate buzz on your blog, and more.

If you are a marketing guru who works with new authors and songwriters, these new articles will be a great way to get your clients up-to-speed quickly with the technical aspects of online marketing without subjecting them to geek-speak and manuals that are full of code scripts. Let Just the FAQs help you help your clients!

Visit the site for more details on the entire Just the FAQs series.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet the Folks Working on JTF eBooks

It takes a village to bring a book to publication. In the case of Just the FAQs eBooks, that village consists of:
  • The author, MaAnna Stephenson
  • Editor, Yvonne Perry, who owns Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services
  • Illustrator, Louis Robinson, who created the logo, covers and layout
  • and, Virtual Tour Director, Nikki Leigh, who owns Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours.

For more information on all the folks involved, please visit More Resources on the main site.