Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free Resources

To help you get started with online marketing, free downloads have been added to the More Resources page. You will find the Articles and Tip Sheets great sources of handy information to get you up to speed on blogs, RSS Feeds, Article marketing, Web sites and more.

There's also a new section of recommended books, including Book Marketing in the Digital Age by Yvonne Perry. This new eBook gives sample screenshots and more than 100 links to helpful sites that serve as examples to further explain the text.

Tips and how-to information include: creating an online media kit, blogging tips, getting traffic to your site, virtual book tours, social media and networking, using video for book promotion, getting author interviews, and the benefits of podcasting.

Just the FAQs eBooks are on the layout table and will be available soon. Subscribe to the RSS Feed to receive the latest updates and announcements.



Sun Singer said...

My wife and I ran a custom database software company for 10 years. Even so, today's FAQs make those of 1986 look totally obsolete. Hard to believe there was a time when 64k was all there was.

Best of luck keeping all of us up to date.


MaAnna Stephenson said...

I know what you mean. When I started in electronics, we were inputting commands to the mainframe with octal code and changing huge five-plate disc stacks. I did many an alignment on the kind of data mag tape machines you see in old sci-fi movies. It's amazing how things have changed.