Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Help Authors?

If you are in the business of helping authors, you know the importance of online marketing to their career. But many creative folks are uncomfortable with the technical aspects of establishing an online presence. That's where Just the FAQs can help.

If you advise your clients to start a blog, add RSS Feeds, get a Web site, or begin an article marketing campaign, now you can give them easy-to-read resources to get it done.

All Just the FAQs eBooks are written for folks with no prior technical knowledge. There is no complicated "geek-speak" and no coding script language to decipher. All chapters are clearly divided into topic sections and use colors and symbols that appeal to creative folks.

If your clients can click a mouse, with the help of Just the FAQs eBooks, they can have a presence online. Suggest they follow this blog or visit the Just the FAQs Web site for more info.


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