Friday, April 24, 2009

New Seven-Part Series on Writing and Selling E-books

Children's author Katie Hines has invited Just the FAQs to guest post on her blog about writing and selling e-books. The seven-part series titled What I Need to Know About Writing and Selling an Ebook, is a preview of articles that will appear later this year on the JTF site.

Each post will cover different aspects of writing and selling e-books including:

- Print or Digital Format: Which is Better for My Book?
- Target Audiences for E-books
- Maximizing the E-book Format
- Costs Involved with an E-book
- E-book Layout
- Selling Your E-book Online Using PayPal
- Protecting Your E-book File

A topic from the series will be posted every few weeks and runs through July.
Visit Katie's blog now to read the first post.


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