Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Review - Book Promo 201

Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet
with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

Author: Nikki Leigh

Every author, whether new or established, could boost their marketing campaign to new heights by reading Book Promo 201. Many other books on promotion are like cotton candyall fluff and sugar. Not this book. Author Nikki Leigh delivers the blue-plate special. She doesn’t just talk about promotion; she gives you real-world examples that work. And, she includes multiple tips from other marketing gurus who she networks with regularly. If you follow her advice, you will also build quality strategic alliances while successfully promoting your book.

Book Promo 201 is far more than an information or reference book. It’s a workbook. Each major section has bullet points or a series of questions to help you gain a working knowledge of that topic. They also help you tailor that particular marketing technique to your specific needs.

Another thing that sets this book apart is the scope and depth of coverage on all aspects of Web 2.0 sites. The Internet has evolved from displaying static brochures to becoming more interactive and social in nature. Gone are the days when you simply announce that you have an interesting book. Social networking gives you the opportunity to interface with folks of like interest. By using the extensive information in Book Promo 201, you will begin to build a community where you can share your passion with others who enjoy having conversations about the same topic.

Even established authors will appreciate the thorough listing of links related to book promotion. It’s likely you will find new links listed here. In fact, the time you save in finding these invaluable links on your own are worth the price of the book. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that an old book is new to someone who hasn’t read it yet. Previously published books could greatly benefit from a re-energized marketing campaign following the suggestions in Book Promo 201.

If you’re not tech-savvy, have no fear. Book Promo 201 is written in clear language that anyone can easily follow. The suggestions in this book will take you from know-nothing to do-something in a fraction of the time it would take you to figure it out on your own.

Book Promo 201 is not just a handy reference manual. It is a MUST HAVE for every author, no matter how many books you have published. Read it, re-read it, and follow the advice Nikki Leigh offers. It’s like having access to the minds of multiple marketing masters in one volume.



Nikki Leigh said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my book. I'm getting great feedback so far and am looking forward to hearing that it was beneficial and helped people to "harness the power of the internet" to promote their books. There is so much potential online - we just need to know where to go and how to use it :)

Nikki Leigh

MaAnna Stephenson said...

Happy to help folks find the kind of information that really works, and your book is just that. Looking forward to sharing your podcast interview tomorrow too. You're such a fun guest.